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Meat The Crew – Pirtek Muswellbrook



This month was the first of our monthly Meat The Crew with Kyle. Each month Kyle will go out to meet with a crew and supply them with breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea and report back about his experience.

This month I had the privilege of going along to Pirtek Muswellbrook and meeting Gus, Johnny and the boys. The morning started off nice and early picking up the egg and bacon rolls to be there for their pre-shift debrief.

Once I arrived Gus took me on a tour of the business and showed me everything from the warehousing, how hoses are made, right through to how the operation works when a job comes in. It was very impressive to see the procedures they have in place to ensure that there are no steps missed and that the jobs are done in an efficient and safe manner. The operational area had been recently upgraded and even the floor was marked with no-go zones so as people knew if they were entering that area they needed to have the appropriate safety gear, or if anyone was working you needed to ensure they knew you were entering in the area.

During the pre-shift debrief Johnny gave a run down of all the jobs that were on for the day, whilst Bailey Carter advised the boys what stock had come in and when some items can be expected. Everyone then had the opportunity to bring up any safety items and there were several things that were brought up. They even talked about it being an extremely windy day so to be careful with having the side box lids on the trucks up incase they were caught in the wind and damaged.

The boys all enjoyed their egg and bacon rolls and were so accommodating and polite, I can’t wait to catch up with them again. Thanks for having me guys and thanks for the Pirtek Pack.

Check out next months magazine to see where we end up next! If you would like Kyle to come along to your business send us an email now! 

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