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Bowdler’s Beer Review



@ The Coalface beer expert Richard Bowdler brings you this month’s beer review – Asahi Super Dry by Asahi Breweries.

This month’s beer review – Asahi Super Dry by Asahi Breweries.

Made: China under license to Japan

Cost: $3.30 / Stubby

Alcohol: 5.0%

Color: Very light golden.

Nose: Very light smell, sweet.

Taste: Malty but refined malty… not full on like a traditional ale’s malt hit… Filtered.

Mouth: Light, crisp and enjoyable without being watery.

Aftertaste: A very mild hops finish that peaks fast at the 3 second mark, begging for a second swig.

Comments: Asahi is the cream of the crop for Japanese beer. It’s identical in taste to the previously brewed in Japan stuff so moving their brewery to China had no impact on quality. A seriously smooth, easy drinking dry. It makes a great all-nighter that everyone seems to enjoy.

Score: 9.5 / 10

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