The Hunter has a Sporting Chance



If there is one thing Australians are passionate about it’s
our sport – and no more than here in the Hunter. To feed
that passion we need more quality facilities. This month
our Parallel Economic Development idea is to see a mega
state of the art sporting facility created here in the Upper
Hunter, repurposing a mine site into something that all can
appreciate and use.
Travelling to Sydney and all over the State to watch, compete, train and
access other regional events and facilities is often the case for us in the Upper
Hunter. Sure, we have some decent sporting grounds, but there is an
opportunity to create something truly great in one place and showcase all the
sporting disciplines.
Let’s bring the sporting world to the Hunter.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could go to the largest multipurpose facility where
we could train to become a boxer, a gymnast, a cricketer, a diver, cyclist,
professional golfer or whatever else we wanted to be. Indoor and outdoor, it
could be a one-stop shop for everything. Schools, universities and community
sporting groups from all round the Hunter and the rest of Australia would be
drawn to our region. Accommodation facilities for large groups and individuals
could make it too attractive to ignore. Large events for the big end of town
sports would also be attracted.
The Mecca of Australian Sport. Regional Australia’s
Olympic Park for the everyday person. The Australian
Institute for Sport, but for everyone regardless of ability.
The cost for this would be high but our government and private enterprise
could put money into our area. There would be the potential for viable and
attractive economic return. Use our mine land for additional productive use
and start to showcase the talent we have while nurturing a love of sport for all,
regardless of talent. Go for gold.

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