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Parallel Economics – Feedlotting the Nation



Feedlots and where you put them always create plenty of
controversy with adjoining landholders. Constant bad
smells, visual impacts, pollution concerns and traffic
movements are all just the beginning.
To keep everyone happy, wouldn’t it be a simple and easy thing to fix if we
made mine land available to keep them out of the way and keep everyone
Imagine a one-stop shop supplying a vast percentage of
the country’s meat requirements.
Chicken farming is big business these days with the Steggles and Biada’s of
the world investing hundreds of millions in hatching, raising and processing
the poultry to supply the big supermarkets like Coles and Woolies and the fast
food giants like KFC. Then there is the egg side of things as well. Add by
products and it all adds up to hundreds of jobs and millions of extra $$ into the
local economy.
Then there are the pigs. Stinky, smelly…and when fully grown and processed,
damn tasty!
Pig business is big business make no bones about it.
A well-run and successful pig operation would have massive national and
export potential given our proximity to Asia along with our production
Then there are the cattle. The Hunter is already a renowned beef cattle
production region and upping our output just makes common sense. A feedlot
of national scale could be just the ticket to fatten our fortunes faster than cows
could grow.
Like many other areas it could all have extra value added with a uniquely
Hunter branded premium place of origin guarantee. The story doesn’t just
stop with what’s mentioned above. Goats, venison and other specialty meat
breeds all have huge market potential as well.
Growth would literally feed into itself. From abattoirs at the end of the cycle to
every other stage of the production cycle, it could easily be one of the worlds
largest and most productive businesses if the big players already working in
the respective fields were brought to the table.

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